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12 - Orlando Saverino-Loeb

March 25, 2019

Orlando Saverino-Loeb is a Philadelphia born artist who works primarily in paint.  His work is a constantly evolving process of exploration that spawned from the desire to find a visual primary source. This exploration led to working in blind contour to find marks that were un-edited by the eye. This, in turn, led to a focus on pareidolia, a sensation where the brain finds images in a pattern when they are not there. 

His process is dependent on the speed and freedom involved in making the pieces. The colors and sense of light that he uses in the paintings are highly influenced by his extended stays throughout Italy. Using acrylic paint, an airbrush, and other mixed media he slowly builds out an environment that is bursting with textures and varied techniques to be explored for hours on end.

He has shown his work multiple times at the Infusion Lounge in Philadelphia, along with select appearances with the Philadelphia Art Collective, the Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Vintage Wine Bar, the Inliquid Gallery, Fleisher Art Memorial, and the Davinci Art Alliance. He is a resident artist at Hot-Bed Gallery in Philadelphia. He has also done murals around Temple University’s Campus and has recently returned from the BecomeBecome residency in Sardinia, Italy during which he presented in their first symposium talk at the Stazione Dell'Arte - Museo d'arte contemporanea in Ulassai.

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