Cuccurullo Conversations


47 - David Probasco

David Probasco explains everything that goes into being a food stylist and some secret tricks he has used along the way to landing himself as a food stylist at QVC. He also talks about his time as a chef in the Coast Guard and the adventures he went on being out at sea for months at a time.


46 - Molly Zeff

Molly Zeff delves deep into the rollercoaster lifestyle as an entrepreneurial game designer. She explains how she was able to make her wacky ideas into the highly successful game Wing It and talks about her current project The Million Dollar Doodle.

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45 - Michael DeFiore 2

Michael is back with an update on his public speaking career and tackles some tough mental illness issues.


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44 - Cody Borror aka “Couch Guy”

Cody discusses his decision to leave his small town in Kansas to pursue his dream of becoming a big movie star by attending a prestigious acting school in New York City. He also explains his alternative living situation and how he came to reside on my couch.


43 - Chef Beth Esposito

Chef Beth talks about how she was able to climb the culinary ranks with hard work and a can-do attitude. She discusses how she became the face of revamping Gentles Club's Steakhouses in the Philadelphia area.