Cuccurullo Conversations


42 - Kenny Nguyen

Kenny Nguyen discusses how growing up watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan sparked an interest in combat choreography. Kenny tells his story of falling into an unusual hobby and the positive changes it has made on his life.



41 - Tahnia Temple

This weeks's guest is Tahnia Temple, host of the internet radio show Talking with Tahnia, owner of Tahnia's Treasures, a sex toy company and a strong advocate for women empowerment. She discusses how she became involved in so many ventures and what each one brings to her life. 

Facebook - Talking with Tahnia   Instagram - Talking with Tahnia

Facebook - Tahnia's Treasures    Instagram - Tahnia's Treasures


40 - Alexander Rosenberg

Alexander Rosenberg is a Philadelphia-based artist, educator, and writer. He received a BFA in glass from Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT. His artistic practice is rooted in the study of glass as a material, in conjunction with broad interdisciplinary investigation crossing over into many other media and research areas. He also competed on Netflix Original Series "Blown Away"

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39 - O Smoove

O Smoove discusses his upbringing in West Philadelphia and how he was able to change the course of his life so he could be more focused on his music career.

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38 - Kaye-leigh Camoosa

This week I have my little cousin Kaye-leigh Camoosa on to discuss why she loves the midwest so much. She also discusses mental health issues and how they can affect an entire family.